A Legacy Of Encouraging TV

Doug Momary created the award-winning, hit kids’ show, ‘New Zoo Revue’. Filmed in Hollywood in the early 70’s, Doug was the writer/co-writer of over 195 episodes and over 600 songs. The program reached over 3 million children every day. Doug and his wife Emily starred in the episodes, singing and dancing along with animal characters while teaching children positive messages in an entertaining way.

And now, Doug is bringing back the New Zoo Revue with new characters, new songs, and new
adventures. We also have developed a reading program to teach kids how to read and write.

Doug has also created a new show for kids, ‘Kid Swartz and the Trackers”.

Kid Swartz and the Trackers is an action-adventure series for kids that incorporates Bible verses to illustrate the message. But do not be fooled, it is not “churchy” at all! It has spies, monsters, robots, and plenty of action! This first episode introduces the characters and has them battling what seem to be enemies who want to take over the world! Of course, the kids are victorious! Each episode is in the style of a graphic novel where the words are on the screen that the voiceover is saying as the story is told. And there is a study guide at the end of each program that will show the vocabulary words that were used in each episode.